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All events include Session Properties, Device Properties, App Properties, and Shopify Properties that are present on the Event Object. For more information, refer to the Common Event Object & Metadata document.

Event Properties, however, are unique to every event and are outlined in this page.

Wishlist Created event fires upon a customer creating a new wishlist in the mobile app. Wishlists must always have a unique name and thus every wishlist created can be unique. The Wishlist Created event will track the new wishlist that was created and where in the app the interaction was sourced.

The event properties unique to a Wishlist Created include:

  "event_properties": {
    "event_id": "0a634210-e22f-4661-a39c-db2d16327120",
    "wishlist_title": "My FAVS",
    "wishlist_id": "86f4c52f-aa44-4440-891f-770b249176ad",
    "wishlist_source": "collection"

event_id String : The unique identifier of the event associated with the session. This event ID will also exist on the Event object level as well

wishlist_title String : The name the customer has titled this given wishlist.

wishlist_id String : The unique identifier of the wishlist

wishlist_source String : The source screen (i.e product description page) in the app that the customer was on when triggering the wishlist creation event.