All events include Session Properties, Device Properties, App Properties, and Shopify Properties that are present on the Event Object. For more information, refer to the Common Event Object & Metadata document.

Event Properties, however, are unique to every event and are outlined in this page.

The Order Created event fires when a user completes the checkout process and the order is created.

The event properties unique to this event include:

  "event_properties": {
    "order_id": "5374444279334",
    "checkout_id": "36852844382918",
    "currency_code": "AED",
    "total_price": "520.95"

event_id String : The unique identifier of the session associated with the event. This event will also exist on the Event object level as well

order_id String : The unique ID of the order

checkout_id String : Shopify Checkout ID of the checkout event

currency_code String : The code of the currency associated with the order

total_price Float : The total of the checkout in the currency specified in the currency_code