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This page will help you get started with Insights Data Streaming.

Welcome to Insights Data Streaming - one of the amazing tools in our developer tools suite! Insights Data Streaming allows you to access the vast suite of analytics events that Tapcart collects on your users' journeys in the mobile app.

These mobile events give context into the behavior and interactions of users and helps you make decisions that can drive your mobile strategy. Insights Data Streaming will collect analytics events from all of the consumer sessions on your mobile app and send them directly to your data warehouse via webhooks.

Every time an event occurs in the mobile app, Tapcart will send the JSON payload of that event directly to a webhook endpoint that you set up.

Use Cases

  • Enrich your internal reporting and analytics suite
  • Support GDPR/CCPA compliance requests
  • Build or enrich marketing attribution or ad buying
  • Support in house recommendation algorithms and marketing models