The App Opened event will fire every time a user opens your app from a closed state. This means the user does not have the app currently opened upon clicking directly on the app, receiving a notification, or entering via a deeplink.

The Event Properties unique to the App Opened event include:

"event_properties": {
        "event_id": "4ge4db71-42e9-41e8-8bb7-bd098e9e99d9",
        "app_open_source":  "direct",
        "notification_id": null,
        "notification_type": null,
        "segment_id": null,

event_id String : The unique identifier of the session associated with the event. This event will also exist on the Event object level as well.

app_open_source String : This will indicate if the source of an install was direct or via a specific deeplink

Note: To view all the various sources, reference the Event Sources page

notification_id String : The unique identifier of a push notification campaign associated with the App Open. This field will only populate if the app_open_source includes a value of "push"

notification_type String : Distinguishes the various types of push notification campaigns sent. These can occur from the dashboard or even an automated push campaign

segment_id String : The unique identifier of an automated push campaign. These campaigns would distinguish between welcome campaigns, abandoned cart messages, and any other automations enabled



All events include Session Properties, Device Properties, App Properties, and Shopify Properties that are present on the Event Object. For more information, refer to the Common Event Object & Metadata document.

Event Properties, however, are unique to every event and are outlined in this page.