Tech Partner Developer Tools Introduction

How to get started with Tapcart's Developer Tools and our Tech Partner Program

Our step-by-step guides are intended to help you build publicly-available integrations for Tapcart's mobile app platform as quickly and efficiently as possible, add value to your relationship with merchants through your unique experiences, and most importantly solve merchants pain points with our platforms working in concert.


Why build on Tapcart's platform?

When you apply, develop and certify your integration you’ll get the following benefits:

  • Get your integration listed on and within Tapcart's Merchant Dashboard helping get in front of thousands of Tapcart merchants
  • Get technical & product support and access to other valuable resources and communication channels tailored just for official tech partners, including relevant product and API updates
  • Work with our GTM teams to distribute collateral and other marketing materials to help recommend your solution to more merchants and drive adoption
  • Official integration partners may receive exclusive invites to co-marketing and co-selling opportunities

Learn all about becoming a technology partner with Tapcart and apply to get started

Getting Started

Once approved for Tapcart's Tech Partner Program building on the platform involves a few steps which will be outlined in more detail over the next few pages. In summary the process involves

  1. Installing Tapcart on a Shopify account: Install Tapcart on a Shopify account that your business owns and notifying Tapcart of the account per the Tapcart Partner contact assigned after application. We will provision your account with access to the full suite of Tapcart tools for building your integration.
  2. Develop your Custom Block: using custom blocks, you can build out your integration according to your spec and relative to our dev docs.
  3. Submit for Approval and Publishing: Once completed, notify your Tapcart Partner contact and they will have your integration validated. During this process please send the following details
    1. Account Name
    2. Custom Block
    3. Any required steps in order to successfully render the experience (if required)
  4. Submit materials for your Integration Page marketing and go live!



Our team will promptly review your submission and provide feedback, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. Please allow for up to 2 weeks for this review to take place. We aim to approve as quickly as possible to help you and our merchants.

Best Practices

As a valued partner, we would like to remind you of the best practices that should guide your Tapcart Developer Tools journey.

  • First and foremost, focus on building performant blocks, utilizing modern browser features and minimizing JavaScript usage to deliver a fast and reliable online shopping experience.
  • Ensure your block is purpose-built for both a use case and for mobile apps, tailored to meet the specific needs of merchants based on their target audience and products. By offering a specialized block, you provide greater value to merchants than with a generic one.
  • Prioritize best-in-class UX, mobile-first design, and accessibility to cater to a diverse customer base and create an optimal user experience across devices.
  • Keep customization simple and flexible for merchants. Provide them with thoughtfully designed options for customizations that are easy to manage, allowing them to quickly set up their blocks.
  • Utilize theme variables that power the colors of the block to the merchants Brand Kit color selections to keep the custom work in line with their overall Branding.
  • Add tagging to your blocks so that Tapcart Partner team can help you understand adoption of your tools. More details on this can be found on Tech Partner Block Requirements

By adhering to these best practices, you will contribute to the growth and success of our platform while delivering exceptional solutions to merchants and their customers. Together, we can shape the future of eCommerce and create extraordinary user mobile experiences. Welcome aboard!

What’s Next

Learn more about the mechanics of Custom Blocks