Partner Introduction

How to get started with Custom Block partnerships


Partner Portal Coming Soon

We're still working on our developer experience for Tapcart partner's. For now, please use the documentation available to build a Custom Block, and work with a Tapcart Partnership Manager regarding any questions or next steps to get it distributed.

Welcome to the Custom Blocks developer program!

We are thrilled about the prospect of partnering, and we are looking forward to the innovative and high-quality blocks you have in mind. To submit your Custom Block for publishing & distribution, please email a Tapcart partner manager with the details of your Tapcart account name that contains your block, along with the block name, and along with the necessary steps to run it. Our team will promptly review your submission and provide feedback, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. Please allow for up to 2 weeks for this review to take place.

Best Practices

As a valued partner, we would like to remind you of the best practices that should guide your block development journey. First and foremost, focus on building performant block, utilizing modern browser features and minimizing JavaScript usage to deliver a fast and reliable online shopping experience. Ensure your block is purpose-built, tailored to meet the specific needs of merchants based on their target audience and products. By offering a specialized block, you provide greater value to merchants than with a generic one. Moreover, prioritize best-in-class UX, mobile-first design, and accessibility to cater to a diverse customer base and create an optimal user experience across devices.

Lastly, keep customization simple and flexible for merchants. Provide them with thoughtfully designed options for customizations that are easy to manage, allowing them to quickly set up their blocks. By adhering to these best practices, you will contribute to the growth and success of our platform while delivering exceptional solutions to merchants and their customers. Together, we can shape the future of eCommerce and create extraordinary user mobile experiences. Welcome aboard!