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Welcome to Custom Blocks, here's what you need to know


You are viewing SDK Version 1.7

This documentation covers the complete set of capabilities for Version 1.7 of Tapcart's underlying Web Bridge SDK. This SDK is the backbone that connects your solutions to native mobile apps.

What are Custom Blocks?

Custom Blocks allow you to bring one of a kind eCommerce experiences to Tapcart apps. This could be anything from embedded media, to a fully integrated shopping experience. Following the concept of Tapcart Blocks, Custom Blocks are drag n' drop-able components that can be placed anywhere on a homepage or product detail page. They are best used when creating experiences that are unique to a particular brand or need.

How are Custom Blocks built?

Custom Blocks can be built using standard HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The best place to build them is right inside the Tapcart dashboard, where you can take advantage of real-time preview, settings for testing your block, and an out-of-the-box development environment. While some technical skills are required to build a custom block, you can get started quickly using a template or basic HTML/CSS.

What can be accomplished with a Custom Block?

Custom Blocks can be used across a wide spectrum of use cases. At the end of the day, they can be used for simple situations such as embedding a Youtube video, or can be used to build something more complex like a product recommendation block. While this is far from an exhaustive list, Custom Blocks can be used to pursue implementations of:

  • Marketing opt-ins
  • In-app content
  • Product recommendations
  • Product reviews
  • Product bundling
  • Personalized banners
  • Raffle entries

and the list goes on...

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