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Gated content area

I would like to gloss over the strategy for our first potential client and check on paper that it all looks above board and achievable with the currently available tooling.

  • Our client is currently using Bold Loyalty to manage their memberships but we intend to migrate them over to Recharge and use their Recharge membership status to fulfil the following

  • The subscription model offers customers access to premium content.

  • Our custom block will use the customer ID to check their subscription status against Shopify APIs

  • If subscribed, user will be able to access the gated content from within the custom block

  • If not subbed, our block would be hidden, and instead the recharge integration block would be visible, allowing the user to subscribe in app and subsequently access the gated content upon successful subscription

On paper, this looks a fairly straightforward approach to implementing the gated content area. Does anybody foresee any potential pitfalls with this approach that we should be aware of?