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Can I link to a custom screen through a custom block?

Hi, Is it possible to link to a custom screen through a button created on the custom blocks? Thanks


how to unblock all apps

When does "cart/updated" event fires ? Does it fire when user add product into cart ?

Hi, I have tried to use cart/updated event but.. it never fires. Not in console testing , not in real app, as I tested applying changes to live as well. Tapcart.registerEventHandler("cart/updated", function (eventData) { console.log("VISITOR ADDED PRODUCT"); // this never fires. }); Do you have a working test sample for it ?

Global Parameters Shared Between Custom Blocks & Other Suggestions

In the preview window we get the ability to reference and see a block of JSON that has a few frames of reference like the customer object, the product object etc. Let us add parameters to this that we could share between blocks! That would be incredibly useful. Like global parameters. I dont even care if they are immutable so long as they are shared between blocks. Also please make the syntax experience orthogonal to the syntax on Shopify Liquid. ### BAD {{#if customer}} {{/if}} vs ### GOOD {% if customer %}} {% endif %} Going with another implementation is unnecessarily ugly and means we have to remember another set of syntactic rules that will never quite match up with what we know and love from shopify. I also don't think that needing to setup metafield sharing with the app is such a big deal, you should by default pull in the product and customer metadata. If it gets referenced by a block just let it be otherwise it won't do anything. Give us the ability to add a block to product cards (mind you I would reserve these for small blocks). Give us the ability to add a block or line of metadata to objects in the cart. Or even a small area between the subtotal and the payment buttons.

Line item properties

Is it possible to add a dropdown element to the PDP that adds line item properties to the products when added to cart?

Custom Block - Modal CSS

I would like to create a custom block displays the content of a metafield as a modal or a dropdown. Basically trying to replicate the functionality of the Product Description Block. I'm having issues making the modal work, looks like the CSS rules are not applied. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Product Metafields are not working

I've enabled them from tapcarts settings, added the namespace/key values to the list and confirmed that the product I'm testing with has the proper fields filled out. I'm attempting to pull them through js using this: Tapcart.variables.product.metafields.Products.app_video Namespace: Products key: app_video Any help would be appreciated!

Video tags in custom blocks

We are trying to build a section that emulates the native tapcart video block but with the ability to pull the video src from metafields. In testing I have tried two methods, one where the <video> tag is loaded in pure html with the correct source, and the other where the <video> tag is created via js and appended to a div in the block. In the preview both methods work. However in production neither works as expected. The html generated instance loads the video as full screen (even with the proper attributes attached to the node) when the product page is loaded and the js generated instance doesn't load at all. Any insight into whats happening here would be helpful. Even if you could give me an idea of the environment the code block loads in so that I can dig into this further.

Gated content area

I would like to gloss over the strategy for our first potential client and check on paper that it all looks above board and achievable with the currently available tooling. - Our client is currently using Bold Loyalty to manage their memberships but we intend to migrate them over to Recharge and use their Recharge membership status to fulfil the following - The subscription model offers customers access to premium content. - Our custom block will use the customer ID to check their subscription status against Shopify APIs - If subscribed, user will be able to access the gated content from within the custom block - If not subbed, our block would be hidden, and instead the recharge integration block would be visible, allowing the user to subscribe in app and subsequently access the gated content upon successful subscription On paper, this looks a fairly straightforward approach to implementing the gated content area. Does anybody foresee any potential pitfalls with this approach that we should be aware of?

Klaviyo sign up form custom block

hey how do i get a custom sign up form as a custom block?