5/23/23 Release Notes (SDK V1.2)

This release exposes a handful of new actions, variables, and Custom Block behaviors.

  1. Support for an applyDiscount and removeDiscounts app action. These actions allow you to facilitate experiences that reward or grant a customer an automatic discount application via a provided coupon code as a parameter. With the combination of the two actions, you have full control over the specific discounts that are applied to a customer's cart. You can read more about them here.
  2. Addition of an appliedDiscounts variable within the cart object. This ongoing ledger of any applied discounts will give you the context needed to apply and remove discounts as needed. Read more about this field here.
  3. Support for playsInLine media attribute. There was a former issue where any embedded media forcibly played full screen, which disabled a customer's ability to traverse a page while the media is playing. With support for this attribute going forward, a customer can keep media playing while they continue on with their shopping session. Click here to implement this attribute in your HTML.
  4. Addition of SellingPlans variables within the product.variants object. With newfound access to selling plans, you can build custom subscription-based feature sets. This is use-ful if you have a use-case that is not supported in Tapcart's out-of-the-box support for selling plan subscriptions. By combining these variables in combination with the sellingPlans ID parameter in the addToCart app action, you can build an end-to-end experience that fetches selling plans from Shopify, and allows a customer to add a selling plan to their cart. See this here.
  5. Switch SDK versions on your Custom Block. With the addition of a new SDK version, you can now switch version on individual custom blocks. This is useful if your block should be set to an upcoming release to get access to new features, or an older release to roll back to a stable build. To see how to set SDK versions, click here.