Building your Integration

Tech Partner Block Requirements

Your block will be required to have the following completed in order to get approved.

  1. Add Tagging
  2. QA your block on 3+ merchants

Adding Tagging to a your Custom Block

When building a custom block, we require you to add tagging in order for us to help provide adoption metrics back to you as your block is distributed. To add tagging you should follow the following pattern

Tagging KeyField DescriptionField typeExample
block-vendorName of the tech partnerstringtapcart
block-typeGeneric name for the type of block createdstringchatbot

Currently we have the following block-type categories which we recommend you consider when assigning a block-type however you are not restricted to these categories. You may apply

  • chatbot
  • review
  • loyalty
  • product-recommendations
  • quizzes
  • smsform

To add your tag to the block, at the end of your javascript append the tagging similar to the example below

function skuFinder(product) {
    const tc = product;
    const found = tc.variants.find(element => ===;
    document.querySelector(".sku").innerText = found.sku;


// block-vendor:tapcart
// block-type:product-recommendations